jim davis PHOTOGRAPHY | About
It started with a Polaroid Land Camera. It was so cool to be able to see the picture you just took develope right before your eyes and in just sixty seconds. My official title was "High School Yearbook Photographer". I liked that title and the access that it gave me. I was hooked!

I went on to Northwestern State University on a work scholarship and to a job as a "Student Photographer". We photographed everything...sports, beauty pagents, greek, news, big name entertainment, if the university needed a photo we shot it... and I was getting paid to take pictures. I liked that alot!

From there I opened a studio in Natchitoches, LA and began my career as a "starving artist". I didn't like that!

After several years I gave up the studio but I have never given up photography.

And then came digital! A whole new world that allows you to shoot all you want and look at it instantly (sounds like my Polaroid).

I'm that kid in high school again...in love with photography! There's no greater thrill than to pull off that perfect shot and see someone's face light up and say "You took that...I love it..." I like that the most!